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Writing Your Financial Analyst Job Description Best Practices

Be sure to keep these best practices in mind while you’re composing your financial analyst job description:

• DO use bullet lists whenever possible to give your job description a clean look that’s easy to read and inviting to the eye.
• DO use specific language throughout your job description. This means listing qualities and personality traits you aren’t looking for. This may be hard to do, but is a necessary measure to save everyone time and energy.
• DON’T include anything about salary or benefits without first checking your most recent company policy. You might be held responsible for your mistake even if you weren’t aware of it.
• DO take care that you don’t use too many key phrases or keywords in your job description if you decide to take an SEO approach to your job search. Keyword stuffing often comes off as annoying and unprofessional, two things that may give financial analysts the wrong idea about your company.
• DON’T forget to include contact information in order that those who have questions know whom to turn to should they have questions about the job opening or anything else about your company.